Unrelenting Love

Faith Growth & Sharing

We are on a life long journey to grow deeper in our faith, to learn more about and become closer to Christ. To become better human beings and disciples along the way.

Taking the idea of daily reflections to a new level, we've combined group faith sharing and online messaging to create a new way for you to experience your faith with your friends and family not just in the same room, but around the world. Whenever and wherever you are, you are able to find thought provoking material that will help you grow deeper in your faith and allow you to discuss it with your friends and family.

Our faith is multi-faceted, with many ways that we can grow closer to God. As a result we've developed our process to mirror how we live our faith lives; a series of journeys which we take that have encounters with Christ, friends and family along the way.

Each journey at UnrelentingLove.org is developed to highlight a concept, or theme relating to our faith, and every journey is built from encounters with Christ, your friends, and your family. The encounters are focused facets of the journeys theme and the multiple encounters are developed to focus on the different aspects of the theme. Finally each encounter is made up of experiences or reflections, these are specific readings, stories, videos, and conversations which help you to delve deeper into the overall theme.

There are many different topics and themes to choose from, new journeys are being developed and posted regularly so there is always a new topic to explore. You can participate in as many journeys as you wish, and there is no limit to the number of people you can invite to join you in the journey. You can even take the same journey with different groups of people to experience something totally different.

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